Manage and engage employees

We believe that every team do their best work when they’re happy and engaged.
Let Benepay help you engage your employees.

We Do More Than Just Benefits

Employees can enjoy Benepay system on Apps and Website to experience the better quality of "Office-life" at over 1,500 places across Vietnam.

What Benepay Provides

We’re adding new services and features all the time.
Stay tuned for future awesomeness.

Employees can pay at different merchants such as restaurants, cafes, entertainment center, insurance agents.

Company HR Department can give out valuable benefits such as lunch allowance, rewards for staff.

Suppliers can improve retention rates and easily reach out more customers with low service fee.

Available at

Social House

"I really like to use Benepay, it's faster and more convenient than credit cards"

Vi Moc Cafe

"The customers is become larger. Quick payment process helps me serve more customers than previous time, so happy!"


"It's really convenient, I do not need to worry about the change! And payment is faster than QR code."

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